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Thứ Ba, 15 tháng 1, 2013

Prism-nana Official Site Updated

 With some more feature including display an official renew video at Comiket C83 at the homepage, you can toggle sound by press button at top right corner

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 So this is my last blog for today, hopefully tomorrow won't have more works so i can laze back and write more blog -_-

Tsukihime New Remake Character Images: Satsuki, Kohaku, Hisui

nicceeeee  XD XD

though Ciel and Akiha is hot too :-? now i'm really confused :s

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Ghost in the Shell Arise Launch In 2013

This anime is annouced at a talk show in february 12th, in additional release latest images with special guesses. Kazuchika Kise will serve as the chief director, and Tow Ubukata is supervising and writing the series scripts.

only two word: F*ck yeah

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Thứ Hai, 14 tháng 1, 2013

Happy Birthday Akiyama Mio

today is 15/1/2013 and according to 2chan it's Akayami Mio birthday yay!! Mio it's one of my top favorite anime character. Some hardcore fans this year as usual celebrated with Mio cake, merchandises or PVC firgure. As for myself i have my friends with me celebrate with some hot coffee this morning, a peaceful party though.

p/s: so today it's kinda busy for me since i have more class this afternoon, and of course i'll will continue blogging when i have my work done so thanks you guy for visit my little blog, my gramma it's little bad though. so until next time, ja nee~


P.A Works Concert Will Be Held in April

This concert is held for three anime series of P.A Works: True Tears, Hanasaku Iroha, and Tari Tari. the performers which include  eufonius and Aira Yuki for True Tears; nano.RIPE, Sphere and Clammbon for Hanasaku Iroha AiRI, the Shirahamazaka High School Chorus Club for Tari Tari

The concert will be held on April 14 at 5:00 p.m. at the Disney Resort's Maihama Amphitheater, which just opened last September. Tickets will be available online starting January 19 for 8,000 yen (around US$90).

So not long after the crossover artwork release and this concert's announced which suprise me very much, hopefully this event will be on a large scale and as successful as k-on concert "Come With Me"... my body is ready 

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